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Maxine Aronheart is the stunning wife of a handsome and successful Beverly Hills hedge fund manager. A celebratory evening on the company yacht Copius turns to horror, as the yacht suddenly explodes and is engulfed in flames. Maxine is thrown overboard by her husband, Logan, as Copius rapid sinks. He says to her, "You'll forgive me", as he vanishes. Was he trying to save her or kill her? In the quest to find her husband, Logan, Maxine becomes the unwitting target of kidnappers and killers. Friends and business associates who try to help her discover they have become targets as well. Why? As Maxine seeks to learn more about Logan's mysterious clients and his business, her pursuers get dangerously close. In desperation, Maxine seeks the help of a shadowy and reclusive figure from her past. He tells her of "the red secret", and why all who learn of it will die. He offers Maxine one alternative to certain death, but will it work? "This novel is the financial-world equivalent of a John Grisham novel." - Elspeth Senz, book reviewer "Reminiscent of Hitchcock Thrillers." - Pacific Book Review, five-star rating 1. Language: English. Narrator: Steve Balderson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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